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Each day, more than half of online customers search for a new product on Amazon.

Amazon is the future of shopping—and it’s important that you have a sales and marketing strategy. As the world’s largest online marketplace, it’s easy for your products to become swallowed up by the hundreds of thousands of listings. This is why it’s crucial to have someone who can supply you with comprehensive Amazon consulting services that can ensure customers can find you.

That’s where Retailbound Amazon comes in. Our experienced consultants make growing on the Amazon platform easy and simple. Our extensive range of offerings help you understand the tools available on the platform, as well as successfully launch new products, market them and make the most of your analytics. Selling through the Amazon platform can be a boon to your business, but the heavy levels of competition found there, and the complexity of its systems mean you need to work with Amazon consultants who know what it takes to succeed. That’s exactly what we provide for you.

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What we offer

Our expert team is equipped to handle everything your Amazon account may need, including:

Feasibility study

Exhaustive analysis of the product or product line to determine the feasibility of selling on Amazon. Evaluation of factors such as market demand, competition, associated costs and sales projections.

Opening of Amazon accounts

Opening of Amazon Seller Central accounts. Includes initial setup and verification of accounts.

Amazon Brand Registration

Management of the trademark registration process within Amazon to protect the Borrower's intellectual property rights and ensure greater security for the Borrower's business.

Keyword research

Exhaustive research of keywords relevant to the Borrower's products in Amazon's search algorithm. Identification of the right keywords to position and increase product sales.

Competitor study

Detailed analysis of the competition in the Borrower's niche market on Amazon. Identification of the main competitors, analysis of their strategies and suggested approaches to stand out and differentiate themselves.

Listing creation

Creation of product listings within Amazon in a professional and attractive manner. This includes the writing of titles, bullet points, persuasive descriptions, selection of images and videos, as well as the creation of A+ content.

Packaging optimization

Helps optimize product packaging, if necessary, to meet Amazon's requirements and ensure a satisfactory delivery experience for customers.

Product launch strategy

Development of a customized strategy for the launch of the Borrower's products on Amazon, including the use of coupons, flash offers, giveaways and breakeven strategies to drive initial sales and gain reviews.

Contracting and management of the Vine program

Hiring and managing Amazon's Vine program, which helps to legitimately and effectively obtain product reviews.
Cost of the Vine program: 170 euros per country contracted (charged by Amazon).

Creation and management of PPC campaigns

Development and management of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on Amazon to promote the Borrower's products and increase their visibility in search results.

Amazon store creation

Creation of a customized store within Amazon to highlight the Borrower's brand and products, offering a cohesive and engaging shopping experience.

Recovery of money from Amazon

Handling of refund requests from Amazon when errors, lost units or similar situations occur. Following up on issues and working to recover money.

Message and customer management and Amazon inquiries

Responding to customer messages within 24 hours to ensure effective communication and avoid penalties. Attention and response to Amazon queries and requirements related to the Borrower's account and products.

Administrative tasks within Amazon

Performing various administrative tasks, such as periodic reports, resolving technical or account-related problems, and other tasks necessary to maintain the health of Borrower's Amazon account in the best condition.

BMS Consultants

40% of all Amazon Prime members buy over $1000 worth of products a year on the platform.

More than half of the products sold worldwide were sold by third-party sellers using the largest market place online, The Amazon selling platform.

51% of consumers planned to do all of their holiday shopping on Amazon platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other Amazon consultancies, BMS is the only agency that can help grow your business on both Amazon and retail. Our founders were a large retail buyer for many years. This means we were built on a foundation of extensive expertise from both sides of the desk. Our deep understanding of how e-commerce works across multiple channels means we are unique among Amazon marketing consultants. Our knowledge includes how to grow sales, identify new opportunities, find emerging markets, optimizing profits and delivering on your objectives. Our team of seasoned experts bring you the most know-how found anywhere in the industry.
When you come to us, you can expect to receive the complete package. We can do just about everything you need to get the most out of your Amazon account. This includes channel management, launch strategies, optimization for product pages, execution for promotions and much more. As your Amazon Launchpad consultant, we ensure you have what works best for you, as well as for Seller Central. If you’re new to the marketplace or already have a presence there, you can depend on us to show you the way to better sales.

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